The Debutantes

I left the band in mid-1999, when my wife-to-be got herself deported from the UK. I subsequently moved to New Zealand, and leaving The Debutantes was something of a wrench. I returned to the UK a year later and did some another demo and a couple of gigs with the band before migrating to Australia at the end of 2000, and the band carried on for a few years without me… but it was 1997-1999 when it was a really active concern.

Working with Reece and watching him perform was something of an apprenticeship for me, and I learnt a lot about singing and stagecraft from Reece. When I was ready to start performing again in Australia a few years later with Zeptepi I had the confidence that I was lacking in my pre-Debutantes bands.

Reece and I did continue writing for a bit after I left the band, and two songs we wrote together – Machine and Vision – both featured on the debut Zeptepi album in 2005.

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