In the autumn of 1996, I started a short-lived band with Mark Adams (acoustic guitar), Carol Turner (piano, vocals), Barry Taylor (bass) and Ian Studd (drums). We managed about 5 rehearsals and I loved what we were doing, but sadly some busy schedules and Carol's deteriorating health (she sadly passed away from cancer a couple of years later) meant the band never really got going. Mark was/is an exceptional guitarist, and Carol was both a fine singer, pianist and person, and I loved playing with them.

I think the name Starsky was briefly considered, but certainly never decided upon. In the end it didn't matter, and I went off and formed The Debutantes instead. But I do still have a treasured audio cassette of three tracks from a rehearsal - here is the song In a Perfect World...

Black Seas

In 2007 I joined up with a Melbourne band called Black Seas as bass player. It was nice to sit back and just be part of the group, rather than running everything myself.

I wouldn't usually play bass, but singer Darn Thorn and drummer Paul Angas were mates, and it was a good opportunity to work with two musicians I liked and admired. 

My growing commitments of both Zeptepi and my children meant I sadly had to knock it on the head after a while, but we cut a couple of tracks at Birdland Studios in
Melbourne which I still really enjoy.
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The Straitsmen

I started The Straitsmen with banjo player CC Thornley, as a side-project from Zeptepi. Just the two of us basically, we played about 20 shows in 2012/13, but are unlikely to do any more. We never recorded anything, although we planned an album of sea shanties and an album of Christmas songs... Perhaps one day...

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